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The Cookery Nook


Daniel Green at Mercy Disability Services' Cookery Nook

"I really enjoy working here as it gives me an opportunity to further my skills in the catering industry."

Daniel has been working at the Cookery Nook for over 15 years. Through this experience he has learned all facets of a catering business, from workplace health and safety, to ordering and making products and supplying customers with delicious Cookery Nook products.

Daniel is a hard worker and is always willing to try something new. The team at Cookery Nook appreciate his support and willingness to help out wherever he can.


Nathan Russell at Mercy Disability Services' Cookery Nook

"I appreciate Cookery Nook as it gives me an opportunity to work on my skills, as well as create and practice new menu items. In the future I hope to gain an apprenticeship and focus on baking."

Nathan has been working at the Cookery Nook for over 10 years and over that time he has taken on supervision and workplace health and safety responsibilities. Nathan has taken on the lead role with the Friday 'Fish n Chip' menu. He is also Cookery Nook's chief baker and makes delicious cakes, biscuits and slices. He will use these skills to achieve his future goal of obtaining an apprenticeship as a full time baker.


For the past two years Cookery Nook has been lucky enough to benefit from the skills of Kristy. In this short period Kristy has learnt to bake muffins and quiches as well as make sandwiches with her favourite item being the fruit platters.

Kirsty's kind and supportive nature, has meant Kirsty has taken a lead role in training and supporting new employees and volunteers/student placements.

 "I feel quite fulfilled when I am able to help others."



Joanna has been working at the Cookery Nook for the past decade, over that time she has learnt some valued skills, including preparing various food items and  icing Cookery Nooks cakes.  Joanna has also developed her customer service skills within the hospitality field.  

Joanna is a valued team member who is always happy to complete any tasks given to her.  Jo’s most favourite part of her job is making chocolate cream biscuits. We have supported her to learn some important skills that she will continue to build upon.

"I love spending time with dogs at home, playing tennis and working at the Cookery Nook."



Belinda joined Cookery Nook three years ago and quickly became an important part of the team. She has an infectious energy about her and loves to keep herself busy.  On top of working at Cookery Nook three days a week she spends three days volunteering for Life Line.

"In my free time I enjoy writing stories and drawing"

During her time at the Cookery Nook Belinda has learnt to make sandwiches, quiche and biscuits, with quiches being among her favourites to bake. She has also built up skills around customer service and partaking in stocktake.

Visit the Cookery Nook website for more information.