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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Supported Employment

Mercy Community (MC) provides meaningful employment for people with intellectual disabilities who might not otherwise be engaged in paid employment. We do this through the Cookery Nook, a social enterprise initiative that provides a professional quality catering service to metropolitan Brisbane and its surrounds and for our fully equipped conference centre at Wooloowin.

Cookery Nook

Employees at the Cookery Nook

Like many of the success stories of MC, the Cookery Nook was born from a values based initiative of the Sisters of Mercy. It boasts a history of more than 20 years success in the provision of supported employment, voluntary opportunities and work experience placements for people with an intellectual disability. The initiative provides a valuable catering service to the community and importantly within the supported environment, it provides training, professional development and growth opportunities for people with an intellectual disability. It makes an extremely positive difference in the life journey of the employees and their families.

The Cookery Nook is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), a Not-for-profit (NFP) organisation with charitable status, which provides meaningful employment for people with significant disability who would otherwise not be able to work. There are about 600 ADE's around Australia that employ more than 20,000 people with disability.

ADE organisations not only provide a paid wage for meaningful work or the opportunity to gain volunteer and work experience in a commercial business, but they contribute to the development of personal and social skills including:

  • a sense of purpose, contribution and belonging
  • improved confidence and self esteem
  • friendships and connections with other people
  • development of a range of transferable life skills.

How it works

With our passionate staff working alongside, each team member receives support to identify their own career goals and career pathway. Team members are provided training and professional development opportunities and are supported in a positive manner to achieve their specific goals. Acknowledging the difficulties some people may find in other work environments, we pride ourselves on our supportive environment where our aim is to understand and encourage each individual to be all they can be. 

In addition to practical work skills, each person’s journey includes developing their communication skills, problem solving, teamwork and relationship building while learning other important life skills.

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