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Plan Management

You own your plan, without any of the fuss.

Our Plan Management service enables you to live life on your terms, while we take care of the administrative and financial aspects of your NDIS Plan. 

Plan Management explained...

Plan management is the process of organising the financial and administrative aspects of the Plan. This may include: 

  • paying supplier invoices
  • developing service agreements with providers
  • contracting and paying providers
  • preparing monthly reports on how funds are being used.

There are three different options to managing your plan:

  1. NDIA Managed: less choice and control, where you are restricted to accessing only NDIS-registered support providers
  2. Self-Managed: admin-heavy, with strict NDIS criteria
  3. Registered NDIS Plan Manager: increased choice, without the confusion

Using a registered Plan Manager (such as Mercy Community) provides you with additional benefits, as pictured below. It's like having your own personal accountant (without the hefty fee for service!).

It also allows you to engage any service provider of your choice, and gives you the freedom of real choice and control.

Funding Options...

Plan Management won't cost you anything and won't reduce the other supports and services in your Plan. It is funded separately in the 'Improved Life Choices' support category of your NDIS Plan. If it's not there, you can request a review by the NDIA.

So, you've got your NDIS Plan and you're ready to start Plan Management...what next?

Contact us today to find out everything you need to know about the choice, control and opportunities Plan Management has to offer. 

Contact an NDIS team near you today!

Our NDIS Plan Management services are available in every NDIS-active region across Queensland, including both metropolitan and rural areas. 

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