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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Older Carers

The Older Carers Initiative (OCI) is all about helping aging parents who still have a son or daughter with a disability living at home. It provides a small amount of respite and it helps the parent or carers plan for the future – for when they are no longer able to provide the support they have been.

Please note all referrals to this program are made through the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

Things you need to think about

It is so easy to put off thinking and planning for the future for anyone. It is difficult enough when there is just yourself to consider but when you have someone who relies on your care and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, the consequence of not planning is something to be avoided.

Topics such as:

  • have you got a will
  • do you have a health directive
  • have you got a power of attorney
  • what will happen if there is an emergency
  • what will happen when you get older.

Planning ahead

Planning helps take away some of the stress associated with the unknowns of the future for the parent or carer and also the son or daughter with a disability. Knowing that there is a plan also helps with accepting to change as well. And when it involves a person with an intellectual disability, it also means that the parent or carer gets to have a say about things while they are still able to. It also helps clarify just what role, if any, other members of the family can and are willing to take on.

How we will support you

Mercy Community (MC) NDIS Services facilitators will work with you, allievating stress and helping you prepare for the future. We also assist you to continue to enhance the well being and life experience for your son or daughter through attending home visits, and helping to plan for the future.

Getting things in writing, rather than just keeping the information in your head really helps relieve the worry of what might happen to your son or daughter in the future. It’s a proactive problem solving practice and while it cannot cater for all possibilities that might occur, it means that there is a written document in place to provide a guide to any replacement carer. Instead of being a huge project you face alone, it’s broken down into chunks with each visit and it means you have a shoulder to lean on.

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