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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Individualised Planning

At Mercy Community (MC) we make a very positive difference for each and every person and family we support. We will facilitate the planning with you and your family, friends and even support staff to meet your wants and needs. Your plan will include everything you need and want right now as well as the possibilities for the future. It will cover moving (or transitioning) from one stage of life to another, and all the changes that may occur inbetween – whatever your needs and desires are.

Your plan will be exactly that YOUR plan. It will be individualised; it will have a focus on what you can do, what you want to do, and how to overcome challenges in whatever way possible. It will look at all the available resources to enable you to achieve you wants and needs and if they aren’t to be found, then we will assist you to explore what other ways you goals might be achieved.  

Our experience has shown that when people have independent compassionate and expert support to plan ahead, unrealised potential and opportunities are often identified and the level of stress and anxiety is minimised.

With you as the driver, we will work to develop and implement a plan for now as well as the future. A plan that addresses all your disability needs and your needs as a person.

What we do

Each person’s plan is unique, catering for their own special circumstances, their needs and desires. We work through and assist you to:

  • explore a range of potential future circumstances
  • establish your aspirations and goals
  • determine your needs across all aspects of life
  • identify potential and real barriers and ways of overcoming them
  • understand the services available to you
  • seek out services or resources that are innovative, cost effective and perhaps outside the realm of traditional disability services
  • adapt to change with progress monitoring and review
  • look at the future needs of the family as a whole – for a time when the parents may no longer be able to provide the necessary level of support for their son or daughter
  • develop a written Future Plan and an Emergency Plan.

How we can help

MC has significant experience in supporting people through circumstances of change and transition across many life experiences.

Read examples of our approach to some of the big changes in life:

To find out how to plan for your future contact our Coordinator on (07) 3866 4201.