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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

In Home Support

Mercy Community (MC) understand that the physical, emotional and financial consequences for care givers can be significant without regular and sustainable support options such as respite services.

How it works

Respite provides planned short term and time limited breaks that reduces the demands on the caregiver. We can provide an In Home Respite Service on a fee-for-service basis. This offers the carer an opportunity to have a short break from their caring role either by having their respite supports within the home or the support staff taking the family member out into the community. 

In Home Respite is modelled around the individual needs of the care giver. Our trained staff visit the home and together with the care giver and person with a disability develop a plan of support to assist the carer giver in their role.

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Contact us to find out what services are available and if you are eligible.