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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

About Us

Mercy Community (MC) is a values-based, service organisation supporting people with a disability to pursue opportunities, develop and learn throughout their lives. We believe that each person is an individual who has spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and social needs. 

We acknowledge the people with whom we work; their hopes, dreams and aspirations. We have an important role to play as we share the journey of their lives. We work in ways that uphold the human rights and dignity of people with disabilities and acknowledge that requiring support can impact deeply on their sense of self and identity. 

We recognise that people who choose to engage with us are the authors of their own lives. Each person has a right to experience the fullness of what life has to offer, the right to make choices and be responsible for their decisions.

We offer a diverse range of support options to meet the unique needs and circumstances of people who engage with our services. With the purpose of enabling and empowering people to live a fulfilled life of choice, our passionate and committed staff walk alongside each individual to truly listen to their story and aspirations and identify ways to support he person to achieve positive outcomes in their life. 


Mercy disability service's identity and values

Our identity and values

Inspired by Mercy, we value the human dignity of every person.


Why choose Mercy Disability Services?

Why choose us

We provide professional and compassionate support for people with disabilities and their families.


Mercy Disability Service's philosophies and guiding principles

Philosophies that guide us

These philosophes help us to shape our quality support services.


Mercy Disability Services Stories

Sharing stories

A powerful way to inspire confidence and motive others. Read our stories from people who engage in our services.