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Providing flexible support options for people with a disability and their families and carers

Planning for your life

Whether you are thinking about moving out of the family home for the first time or wanting to change your current living arrangements, we have the knowledge and experience to support you through this process. 

Many people will already have a dream about who they would like to live with and how they would like to live their life. Our support services will help you to break this down into the steps you will need to take to reach your goal.

We will help you to think about:

  • your readiness and motivations for wanting to move 
  • your preferred living arrangement – is this with others or by yourself
  • reviewing your budget to identify your housing and lifestyle options
  • exploring ways to save money when moving out of home, such as house sharing, living close to public transport and shops to save on transport costs, and a solid savings plan from your income
  • what support services you will need to help you with your day to day living and improve your independence
  • ongoing support from family, friends and other important people in your life.

Once you have worked through what this could look like and how you will manage this significant life change, we can then work collaboratively with you and other important people in your life, to take the steps towards achieving your goals.

Read Cathy’s story about her experience of moving from a shared living arrangement to a flat with one of her friends and how this has made positive changes to her life.